7 Best Auto Insurance Companies

When you’re shopping for insurance, you could feel like you’re drowning in choices.

We’re here to throw you a lifesaver.

Trying to get a quality insurance policy for a price you can afford might seem impossible.

Most people don’t know how much coverage they need, how much they should spend, or what all those terms mean.

Most people KNOW they are required to have auto insurance, but they don’t know how they should get it.

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Look no further.

Below, in no specific order, are our picks for top auto insurance carriers.

How We Chose Our Favorite Auto Insurance Companies

When we were comparing companies and making our choices, there were a couple of factors we took into consideration.

  • First, we looked at the price.

Auto insurance plans can get expensive. VERY expensive. We know everyone wants an affordable plan.

  • Next, we looked at the customer service.

Some carriers are notorious for awful customer service. If you are ever involved in a wreck and you have to make a claim, we want it to be as straightforward as possible.

  • Then, we looked at additional coverage, riders, and benefit programs. Some companies have discount programs and rewards for safe drivers, adding to their value.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the 7 best auto insurance companies on the market today.

Top Auto Insurance Companies

Liberty Mutual Insurance Logo

Liberty Mutual has a lot of interesting features and coverages.

Of course, Liberty Mutual has your standard coverage, but they also have benefits like Accident Forgiveness, New Car Replacement, and Liberty Mutual Deductible Fund.

The Deductible Fund is a unique feature which basically functions as a savings account inside of your auto insurance policy.

It lets you put away money towards your deductible and Liberty Mutual will contribute money to the fund as well.

Allstate Insurance logo

Allstate is one of the leading insurance carriers in the U.S. They are one of the largest, and there is a reason they are so popular.

One of those reasons for its popularity is their app.

If you’re ever in an accident (we hope it doesn’t happen) the app makes it quick and simple to submit a claim.

Like other companies, Allstate offers a discount if you’re a safe driver. If you don’t have any tickets or accidents throughout the year, you can save some money on your insurance premiums.

Travelers Insurance Logo

Travelers is over 160 years old, making them one of the oldest carriers out there.

Not only have they been around for a while, but they have perfected their service.

Compared to other companies, their complaint rates are much lower.

Travelers loves to help their policyholders save money, with dozens of discounts you can use to save money.

They have everything from a MultiCar discount (which can save you up to 8%) to a Hybrid/Electric Vehicle discount.

StateFarm Logo

State Farm is a mutual insurance company, which is a fancy way of saying it’s owned by the customers. State Farm is of the largest car insurance company in the United States, according to the Insurance Journal.

If you look at reviews of State Farm, you’ll see one consistent praise: their customer service.

They have one of the best-rated customer service team of any insurance company out there.

Because State Farm is the biggest carrier out there, they can sell all kinds of plans and additional coverages.

You can get your traditional plans (collision, comprehensive, liability, etc.), but you can also get some unique kinds of protection.

If you drive for a rideshare company (Lyft/Uber), then you can get Rideshare Driver Coverage.

It’s extra coverage to protect you while you’re earning some extra side money.

Nationwide Insurance Logo

You can hear the jingle in your head now. But is Nationwide really on your side?

Nationwide is a popular brand name. Not only are they recognizable, but they also offer great rates on their auto insurance policies.

With a plethora of customers and policies, they must be doing something right.

One cool benefit of Nationwide is the “AutoWatch” tool.

If you have to send your car into the shop to be repaired, they will give you updates as the repairs progress.

Progressive Insurance Logo

You might love Flo from Progressive commercials (she makes their insurance sound pretty great!), but how does Progressive’s coverage actually stack up?

They offer a lot of helpful features like Snapshot and Name Your Price.

With Snapshot, you either download the app or plug in the device, and then you drive like normal, getting rates based on the tracker.

And their policies are flexible and reasonably priced.

USAA Insurance Logo

USAA isn’t available to everyone, but if you’re in the military, retired from the military, or you’re a family member of someone in the armed forces, then you should check them out when you’re shopping for car coverage.

For anyone who is eligible, you will get excellent customer service, low premiums, and discount opportunities.

They are a great carrier for new drivers or young drivers who would pay a fortune for coverage elsewhere.

Honorable Mention

metromile auto insurance review

If you haven’t heard of Metromile, you need to add them to your insurance radar.

Metromile is changing the way people buy auto insurance.

Instead of paying massive annual premiums, you pay for only the coverage you need.

The price of your policy is determined by how much you drive every year.

Here’s how it works: you sign up for Metromile auto insurance and get a device which tracks how much you drive using the app.

You’ll pay a base rate (the lowest possible monthly rate is $29), and then you’ll pay-per-mile in addition to the flat monthly rate.

You pay 5 cents for every mile you drive a month. It’s that easy.

Metromile is only available in the following states, though: California, Illinois, New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington.

Ways to Save Money on Auto Insurance

The most common complaint about auto insurance is the price. It’s expensive and it’s only getting more expensive.

If you’re shopping around for a new plan to save money, the companies above are great, but there are some ways you can save money regardless of the carrier.

  • One simple way is to raise your deductible. The deductible is the amount you have to pay before your carrier will pay for their coverage. Most people have a $500 deductible.

Call your insurance agent, ask them to raise your deductible to $1,000 or $1,500. This will lower your monthly rates by hundreds of dollars. As long as you don’t have a wreck within the first couple of months, you’re going to save money.

  • Another way to get a discount is to ask. Just about every single carrier out there has discounts. You might be missing some without even knowing it.

Getting Quality Auto Insurance

Each and every state requires you to have an auto insurance plan in place before you hit the road, but they don’t require you to pay a fortune for the coverage.

You have to be covered, but you don’t have to be broke.

If you have any questions about your auto insurance or ways you can grab cheaper coverage, go ahead and give us a call or send us an email!

Contact us today to talk about your insurance needs!

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