Allstate Review

When you think of Allstate, you can probably hear the slogan in your head, “You’re in Good Hands.”

They’ve done an excellent job at getting their logo and jingle out there, but how is their auto insurance?

This is the question we’re going to answer with this article.

Read on to learn about Allstate’s fascinating history, expansive coverage, and rates.

About Allstate

Allstate Insurance logoTo understand an insurance company, you need to know its history.

Allstate has a history going back almost 90 years.

In the world of insurance companies, especially auto insurance companies, 90 years is a long time to survive and thrive.

The company was founded by General Robert E. Wood, who was the Chairman of Sears, Roebuck, and Company.

The story goes that the idea for the company was born in on a train ride in 1930 in a conversation between Wood and his neighbor and insurance broker Carl L. Odell.

They wanted to revolutionize the way companies sold insurance.

The idea was to try and sell insurance through the mail to cut down on commissions and overhead costs.

When they first started Allstate (which was named for a tire marketed by Sears), the auto insurance was sold through the Sears catalog.

In 1939, Allstate created rates and systems which gave safer drivers lower rates.

This move put Allstate on the cutting edge of auto insurance.

No other companies were offering these kinds of prices.

Then the company, like the rest of the world, was affected by a major historical moment.

World War II had a huge impact on the insurance industry, especially auto insurance.

During the war, a lot of Allstate employees were called away to fight.

Instead of closing up shop, they created a program to train women to become Allstate insurance agents.

Once again, Allstate revolutionized the insurance world.

In 1950, they made the decision to do more than just auto insurance.

Allstate started offering just about every kind of insurance policy out there, like home, life, and renters insurance.

Through the years, they’ve continued to create new plans and sell other types of protection, always looking to improve their coverage and expand their reach.

Auto Insurance from Allstate

Allstate sells dozens of types of insurance plans, but we are going to focus on their auto insurance plans.

After all, this is what the company was designed to sell, car insurance.

Allstate pioneered auto insurance over 85 years ago, but how does their protection stack up today?

There are a lot of unique features, tools, and benefits for Allstate customers.

  • Accident Forgiveness. If you’ve seen the commercials, you’ve heard the term, but what does it mean? If you’re in an accident (hopefully it never happens), Allstate isn’t going to raise your rates after one claim. Compared to a lot of other carriers, this is a huge advantage. If you make a simple mistake, it won’t cost you hundreds of dollars in premiums.
  • Claims Process. Allstate has tried to make the claims process as simple and stress-free as possible. They have a customer service team which is available 24/7. This feature lets you check on a claim at any point. One of the worst parts of making a claim is the waiting around and the lack of information, something Allstate works to eliminate.
  • Claim Satisfaction Guarantee. It’s exactly what it sounds like. If you make a claim on your Allstate car insurance and you aren’t satisfied with the claim, you get your money back. Allstate will reward you with six months of credit for premiums.
  • Drivewise Program. If you’re an Allstate policyholder, you can download their free app and then be rewarded for your safe driving. There are three ways you can be rewarded for safe driving: Not going faster than 80 mph, not driving too late, and not braking too hard. If you do all of these things, and you’ practice safe driving, then you’re going to be rewarded with 25% back every six months. You can also get up to 10% cash back just for signing up for the program.
  • Allstate Rewards. If you’re a safe driver, you can earn rewards points for completing safe driving challenges. For every 10 trips you make with no hard braking or speeding, you earn 200 points. If you go three days without hard braking or speeding, you’ll earn 200 points for each of those. These rewards points are similar to credit card points. You can use them for travel, gift cards, buying gifts, and much more. One neat feature is their “Lowest Price Guarantee,” meaning if you buy it on the Allstate Rewards website, it’s going to be the lowest possible price.

Other Insurance Products from Allstate

Allstate sells more than just auto insurance. In fact, they sell every kind of policy out there.

Allstate has become a one-stop-shop for all of your insurance needs. Some of the other products they offer are:

  • Life insurance
  • Boat insurance
  • RV insurance
  • Renters insurance
  • Homeowners insurance
  • And more!

Bundling Policies

One quick and simple way to save money on your auto insurance, and all other policies, is to bundle your plans.

Every insurance carrier is going to give you a discount if you have all of your plans with one company. They want to give you the best incentive for bringing all your plans to their company.

With Allstate, you can save up to 10% on your auto insurance and up to 25% off of your homeowner’s insurance policy.

This is a simple way for you to save money and rest secure knowing all of your possessions are covered by a reliable insurer.

How Does Allstate Stack Up?

Allstate offers a lot of discounts opportunities for their clients.

When you see all of the possible discounts, it can be tempting to only think about the money you can be saving there.

But those discounts don’t necessarily make them a good choice.

If you compare Allstate’s auto insurance premiums to the other “big-names” out there, Allstate tends to be on the more expensive end.

In most cases, Allstate tended to be a couple hundred dollars more expensive every year for their coverage.

This doesn’t mean they are more expensive EVERY TIME, though.

Your rates are going to be determined by several aspects.

When you apply, your insurance company is going to review your:

  • Age
  • Driving record
  • Annual mileage
  • Claims history
  • Insurance score
  • And more depending on the company’s specific criteria.

Because the agents are going to look at each of these categories, every applicant is going to receive different quotes.

Even two people with similar driving records could get drastically different rates.

When you’re shopping for auto insurance, you don’t need to only consider the price.

You should also think about the coverage and the additional benefits.

Final Verdict on Allstate

When you’re insurance shopping, you aren’t going to be short on options.

Making those choices isn’t easy, but it has to be done.

Auto insurance is required by law, but you should find a plan you can afford.

You need a plan which fits in your budget and will be there if you’re ever involved in an accident.

If you’re like most consumers, you have a lot of questions about auto insurance and the coverage it provides.

At, we want to help you get quality coverage.

If you work with our agents, you aren’t just another number.

We get to know you personally.

And we’ll find you a plan which will meet your needs, fit your budget, and protect your car.


Susan Wright, CLU, ChFC, RHU, REBC, ADPA, CITRMS, CIPA has been in the insurance and financial field for over 27 years. Even with years of experience, she continues to create new resources for others. Everything from books to training material.

Susan received her MBA from St. Louis University and her BA from Michigan State University.

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