Life Insurance for Elderly People

Having a good quality life insurance policy in place can be an essential component for many people’s overall financial plans. That is because the money can be used to payoff debt, pay for ongoing living expenses, and/or the payoff of the insured’s funeral and other related final expenses. When purchasing life insurance, many people believe.. More

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

Buying a life insurance plan can be easy, entailing the completion of an application for coverage (which asks about the applicant’s health condition and other key factors), and taking of a medical examination where a blood and urine sample are usually required. Those who may not be in the best of health, however, can oftentimes.. More

How Does Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) Work?

Making sure that your loved ones are protected financially in case of the unexpected can be essential to their well-being – and it can essentially make the difference between those who you care about being able to go on with their current lifestyle, or struggle to make ends meet in the future. Having a life.. More

Why it’s Important to Work with the Right Life Insurance Agent

When you’re starting to think of ways to protect your family in the event of a tragic situation, such as your death, life insurance is immediately the first investment that comes to mind. The second thing, is how frustrating and long the process can be to purchase that investment. To make the decision easier, and.. More

Mortgage Life Insurance

Death is a part of few things in life that in unavoidable. Because you can’t escape it, you should always plan for it. It’s never a fun discussion to have with your family, but it’s one of great importance. Once you pass away, your family is going to be responsible for paying off all of.. More

Life Insurance with Pre-Existing Conditions

Life insurance is an extremely important purchase that will give your family the protection that they need if something tragic were to happen to you. Your policy will give them the resources that they need. Finding the perfect life insurance plan can be a long and frustrating ordeal, especially if you have any pre-existing conditions… More

15 Crazy Ways To Make Money If You Don’t Have Life Insurance

Neil Armstrong had a difficult time getting life insurance. Yes, he was a famous astronaut and was going to the moon. But he was an astronaut, and being an astronaut is dangerous! One thing goes wrong and suddenly you’re Matt Damon in The Martian. Before Apollo 11, Neil wanted life insurance in case he didn’t.. More

Life Insurance Makes Sense as a College Savings Vehicle

Today, the cost of higher education has continued to skyrocket. In fact, in many areas, the tab on getting a 4-year college degree can be in excess of six figures. With this in mind, many parents begin saving early in their child’s life. As with anything, it only makes sense to start saving for college.. More

How the Insurance Industry and Consumer Debt May Clash

While the amount of debt that you carry may not seem to have a high correlation with filing an insurance claim, the insurance industry begs to differ. In fact, the industry that has been built around compensating consumers for various losses has essentially found ways of protecting itself from applicants who are more likely to.. More