Metromile Auto Insurance Review: Does It Make Sense for You?

Have you ever asked why you’re paying for cable TV channels you’ll never watch? Or why you can’t save on rent though you’ve never dipped even one toe in the condo swimming pool? If this sounds like you, Metromile Auto Insurance may rev your engine, too. The San Francisco-based startup bases its auto insurance premiums,.. More

Fidelity Life Insurance Company Review

Why is life insurance important? The money from the policy is income tax-free. There are very few financial products offering tax-free benefits. Life insurance remains a very attractive, terrific tax-free financial product. This means the beneficiary gets 100 percent of the life insurance proceeds for critical financial needs such as paying off debt, covering the.. More

Principal Life Insurance Company Review

First and foremost, the primary reason for this is because the proceeds from a tax-free life insurance policy can be used for anything – including the payoff of debts as well as helping to pay monthly ongoing living expenses of the survivors. Life insurance is also often utilized to pay final (funeral) expenses as well.. More

What is Underwriting and How Does it Work?

It is very important for you to understand the underwriting process to help you avoid needless frustration. After you apply for life insurance, the company is going to look at different criteria to decide if they are going to accept your application for coverage. Several of the major factors the underwriter will review are your.. More

7 Benefits of Having Life Insurance

Let’s discuss the benefits of purchasing life insurance in two “just imagine” scenarios. Just imagine… You are the breadwinner of your family (man or woman, doesn’t matter). You are sitting on a fluffy cloud looking down at your living room. There are lots of tissues being handed out. Your kids are crying the most. You.. More

Insurable Interest in a Life Insurance Policy

In this article, we will explore the definition of insurable interest and what it means in regard to a life insurance policy. We’ll also explore the different types of insurable interest so you will understand clearly the importance. Life insurance really is misnamed. It should be referred to as, “Love Insurance”. Because – let’s not.. More

Life Insurance for Seniors

Life insurance for seniors is an important part of overall financial planning both for new investors and seniors. As we get older, one key goal for many of us is to ensure that our family will be financially secure when the unexpected ultimately occurs. Purchasing life insurance is often considered one of the best ways.. More

Cheap Life Insurance Providers

At, we help consumers understand how to find the cheapest life insurance rates available with the financially strongest insurance companies. I think you’ll agree with me when I say it’s easy to find affordable life insurance; however, locating cheap life insurance may be one thing, often the difficult part of the process is getting approved!.. More

What Are the Parts of a Life Insurance Policy?

It is important to understand the basic components of a life insurance contract. Although there are several different types of life insurance policies that are available on the market today, most life insurance policies share some common components – regardless of the other varying features and benefits. Life insurance is one of the best purchases.. More