Buying Term Insurance Completely Online

At, we want to make the whole life insurance buying as stress-free as possible for you.

Thanks to Amazon and other shops, we buy just about everything online. People are even buying groceries online. The Internet has made it possible to never leave your home (although, we wouldn’t suggest this).

As more and more people handle all of their business online, shopping for term life insurance online is becoming more and more common.

Life Insurance Online

purchase life insurance onlineThere are plenty of companies that specialize in helping people get life insurance completely online. Companies like Haven Life have made it easier than ever before to buy life insurance without having to go into an office.

One advantage to these plans is that you can fill out all of the information on your time. You aren’t limited to the hours of the insurance agency office. You can get the application emailed to you, and then you can fill it out whenever you have time.

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More than likely, if you purchase life insurance completely online, there isn’t going to be a medical exam. With a no exam policy, they get less information, and that makes them nervous.

Aside from being more expensive, they also won’t let you get a massive amount of protection. If you buy a no health exam plan online, you can probably only buy $500,00 or less (depending on the carrier).

Haven Life

There is one company which has specialized in selling term insurance online, this is Haven Life.

What makes Haven Life unique is they don’t try and sell every kind of insurance policy. They only sell term life insurance, and they only sell it online.

Assuming you qualify, you can get your plan without having to talk to an agent or take a medical exam. They have unique ways of reviewing applications and they’ve streamlined the whole process. This has made it quicker.

Haven life is an excellent option for anyone who wants coverage fast and who doesn’t have the time to sit on a phone or take a medical exam. The Haven Life application should take you less than 30 minutes, and then you’ll get an instant decision.

You can know in less than an hour if you’ll be accepted or declined. There are VERY FEW choices which are going to be quicker than that.

If we’re talking price, Haven Life has competitive rates compared to all the other carriers out there.

Deciding How Much Life Insurance to Buy

Even for the people who holds plans, a lot of policyholders don’t have the amount they need. Don’t become another one of them.

You can do some math to ensure this doesn’t happen. to get started, how much debt will you leave?

The next number that you need to add into the equation is your annual income. If you’re the primary income earner in your home, then your family members would struggle without that source of money. That’s where your life insurance policy comes in.

The last number that you should add up is your final expenses like your burial fees and funeral expenses. The average funeral can cost around $10,000, which can be difficult for your family to cover. Instead of having them drain their bank accounts, your life insurance plan will help pay for those expenses.

Getting Life Insurance Online

Do you want the best possible life insurance plan available?

If you don’t know where to look or what to buy, we can help. We will be happy to discuss your options and help you consider these choices. We aren’t contracted by a single company, we work with dozens of carriers.

If you want to find the lowest insurance rates and best plan for your family, it can take a very long time. Or you can get the whole thing done in minutes.

Call us, we can show you the best rates for term plans online. Save time and money.


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Compare Life Insurance Quotes from Multiple Companies
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