Life Insurance

Return of Premium Life Insurance: What Is It and Is It Worth the Cost?

Term life insurance is an insurance product with an easy-to-understand process and value proposition. With term coverage, you pay an ongoing insurance premium for the full term of your policy — usually between ten and thirty years. If you pass away during the term, the life insurance company loses their bet, so to speak, and.. More

Globe Life Insurance Review

If you’ve read any Globe Life Insurance reviews, you’re probably aware they offer relatively small life insurance policies with limited underwriting, mainly to cover final expenses. This is the niche Globe Life Insurance fills, and they’re one of the leading insurance companies in this area. That’s the main reason for applying with them, and it.. More

GEICO Life Insurance Review

Most people are very familiar with GEICO from their frequent GEICO gecko commercials. You know, the ones with the cute little green lizard with a very pronounced English accent, selling the virtues of saving people money on car insurance? But there’s also GEICO life insurance, the coverage we’re going to discuss in this review. About.. More

Life Insurance Rates

Just about everyone understands the importance of life insurance and the impact that it can have on your family, but while everyone knows it’s important, there are still millions of people that don’t have a plan. That could be one of the worst mistakes that you ever make for your family and loved ones. If.. More

What is Key Man Insurance?

Business insurance is an important component of any entrepreneurial venture — and that’s true whether you’re a one-man show or a company with dozens of employees. Still, there are different types of business insurance to consider, which may be crucial depending on the way your company operates. One type of coverage, key man insurance, is.. More

Why is Final Expense Life Insurance Important?

Having proper life insurance is one of the most important things that you can do for your family. It should be on the top of your to-do list. But, just like as your life continues to change, so will your need for life insurance. As one gets older, the need for senior adult life insurance.. More

No Exam Life Insurance | Get Approved Without A Physical

I think you’ll agree with us when we say that taking a medical exam for life insurance is inconvenient and intrusive. Want some good news? A life and health insurance exam is not required to qualify for affordable life insurance. Both whole and term life insurance no medical exam policies are offered on the market… More

The Tax Advantages Of Owning Life Insurance

Life Insurance is 100% tax-free. No federal, state or local taxes are due on your life insurance proceeds. You life insurance check will be sent to you in one lump sum, often within two weeks. In addition to life insurance proceeds providing a financial cushion to loved ones who are left behind, there are also.. More

Navy Mutual Life Insurance Review

Military members may find purchasing life insurance is a bit more difficult than their civilian counterparts. Many life insurance policies will not provide coverage if a military member dies in the act of war. Thankfully, for military members seeking full life insurance protection, Navy Mutual is a terrific choice. In addition, many military members are involved.. More