Life Insurance Companies

Fidelity Life Insurance Company Review

Why is life insurance important? The money from the policy is income tax-free. There are very few financial products offering tax-free benefits. Life insurance remains a very attractive, terrific tax-free financial product. This means the beneficiary gets 100 percent of the life insurance proceeds for critical financial needs such as paying off debt, covering the.. More

Principal Life Insurance Company Review

First and foremost, the primary reason for this is because the proceeds from a tax-free life insurance policy can be used for anything – including the payoff of debts as well as helping to pay monthly ongoing living expenses of the survivors. Life insurance is also often utilized to pay final (funeral) expenses as well.. More

American General Life Insurance Review

If you’re looking for an AIG (American International Group) company review, this is it. American General Life was bought by AIG back in 2001. Since they’ve been a part of AIG, they have made a lot of changes, but they are still one of the largest insurance writers in the United States. A life insurance.. More

Lincoln Financial Life Insurance Review

With life insurance, then you can be much more assured that those you love and care about won’t have to face a whole host of financial difficulties in the future. These could include the payoff of debt, making sure that they can pay ongoing living expenses. For some people, qualifying for life insurance coverage can.. More

SBLI Review

For many people, having life insurance can mean the difference between loved ones facing long-term financial hardship, or instead of being able to continue meeting their financial needs – even if the unexpected occurs. Although many applicants can easily qualify for the life insurance protection that they require, there are others who – because of.. More

Foresters Life Insurance Company Review

If you’ve been looking for life insurance, but you have certain health-related issues, then you may be a bit concerned about whether or not you will qualify for the policy. One option could be to apply for a no exam life insurance policy. With this type of policy, you may be still be required to.. More

American Amicable Life Insurance Company of Texas: Full Review

When you need life insurance coverage in order to ensure that loved ones will not suffer financially, it may be that you have a health issue that could, in turn, deem you as a high risk to the insurance company. In this case, while going through the underwriting process can allow the insurer to get.. More

North American Life Insurance Company Review

Although life insurance is an important part of most any financial plan, not everyone can easily qualify for this coverage. This could be because of an adverse health condition. However, there are other cases where someone may have a job that is considered to be dangerous, or even where someone is not considered a risk.. More

Mutual of Omaha Life Insurance Company Review

When an individual who has certain health issues applies for a fully underwritten policy, the insurance company will check into all their health-related details, and if the insurer feels that there’s a risk, it is possible that they will deny the coverage. Luckily, just because one company has rejected your application doesn’t mean every carrier.. More