Life Insurance

SBLI Review

For many people, having life insurance can mean the difference between loved ones facing long-term financial hardship, or instead of being able to continue meeting their financial needs – even if the unexpected occurs. Although many applicants can easily qualify for the life insurance protection that they require, there are others who – because of.. More

How to Donate to Your Favorite Charity Using Life Insurance

Every year, there are many people who donate money or goods to a charitable organization that is close to their heart. Yet, in a number of cases, these donors wish that they were able to contribute so much more. The good news is that by using a life insurance policy to make donations to your.. More

The Legal Concept of Life Insurance Contract

Within the small print on nearly every insurance policy, there is generally found some highly technical legal provisions and contractual terms. These terms are intended to cover just about every possible scenario – and, policies are usually being updated and revised continuously in order to keep up with both coverage and industry changes. Life insurance.. More

Foresters Life Insurance Company Review

If you’ve been looking for life insurance, but you have certain health-related issues, then you may be a bit concerned about whether or not you will qualify for the policy. One option could be to apply for a no exam life insurance policy. With this type of policy, you may be still be required to.. More

American Amicable Life Insurance Company of Texas: Full Review

When you need life insurance coverage in order to ensure that loved ones will not suffer financially, it may be that you have a health issue that could, in turn, deem you as a high risk to the insurance company. In this case, while going through the underwriting process can allow the insurer to get.. More

North American Life Insurance Company Review

Although life insurance is an important part of most any financial plan, not everyone can easily qualify for this coverage. This could be because of an adverse health condition. However, there are other cases where someone may have a job that is considered to be dangerous, or even where someone is not considered a risk.. More

Mutual of Omaha Life Insurance Company Review

When an individual who has certain health issues applies for a fully underwritten policy, the insurance company will check into all their health-related details, and if the insurer feels that there’s a risk, it is possible that they will deny the coverage. Luckily, just because one company has rejected your application doesn’t mean every carrier.. More

American National Life Insurance Company Review

Regardless of what you’re shopping for, you want to make a good choice. This is especially true with life insurance. Aside from your home, a life insurance plan will be the longest investment you make. With a lot of purchases, it’s easy to tell which one is a better deal. Life insurance shopping isn’t that.. More

Buying Term Insurance Completely Online

At, we want to make the whole life insurance buying as stress-free as possible for you. Thanks to Amazon and other shops, we buy just about everything online. People are even buying groceries online. The Internet has made it possible to never leave your home (although, we wouldn’t suggest this). As more and more.. More