Life Insurance

Do Retirees Need Life Insurance?

When planning for retirement, many people feel that those who are over age 50 no longer need life insurance coverage. But regardless of your age, however, it is still important to be prepared financially in case of an unexpected event. In the past, most retirees were likely to have major expenses such as their mortgage.. More

Borrowing Life Insurance Policy Loans

You can choose from a lot of plans which have  a cash value, savings, or investment component. These plans may include whole life, universal life, and variable life insurance. In these insurance policies, the cash or investments are able to grow over time, allowing the policy holder another way to potentially build a significant amount.. More

How To Protect Your Mortgage With Life Insurance

People purchase insurance coverage to protect many different things, such as their health, their auto, and their home. But one item that oftentimes gets overlooked is the protection of their mortgage. Most people certainly work hard each month to pay their mortgage – especially because a home is typically the largest purchase that most people.. More

Should You Cancel Your Life Insurance Coverage?

In today’s tough economy, people are always seeking ways to cut costs. In many instances, people are doing away with expenses that they feel are not necessary – and unfortunately, life insurance coverage often falls into that category. While doing away with your policy may help to free up more funds over the short term,.. More

Why Your Life Insurance Premium Could Increase – And How To Avoid It

There are several reasons  your premium to increase above that for an average applicant. In a typical life insurance situation, your age, your health, and your lifestyle are big determinants of how long you are likely to live – and when they are all combined, these criteria can help the life insurance company to predict.. More

Life Insurance Policy Riders

Due in large part to the need for creative protection solutions, a number of specialized life insurance policy riders have been designed to apply coverage where additional financial protection may be needed by a policy holder. Life insurance policy riders can provide policy holders with additional benefits, as well as increase peace of mind that.. More

Combining Benefits for Life Insurance and Long-Term Care Needs

Although most individuals understand the need for insurance coverage, there are times when having numerous policies can seem overwhelming – as well as quite costly. For this reason, many have opted to obtain coverage for multiple insurance needs using one single policy. One example of this is the combination of life insurance with long-term care.. More

Evaluating Life Insurance Loans Versus Withdrawals

Life insurance policy owners who possess permanent plans are likely to have built up a significant amount of savings within their policies. This is especially the case for those who have held their policies for a long period of time. In order to access the cash that is inside of a permanent life insurance policy,.. More

Advantages Of Online Life Insurance Quotes

Shopping for life insurance can be a painful process. There are thousands and thousands of different companies on the market and dozens of different plans that you’ll need to choose from. It can be overwhelming and difficult to find the best policy, but it doesn’t have to be. The Internet has made shopping comfortable and.. More