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Most people know the life insurance application is long, but not many people know exactly what happens. Two of the hoops that you’re going to have to jump through is taking a medical exam and answer health questions. For people that are in poor health, then the medical exam and the health questions could pose a lot of problems.

After you’ve taken the medical exam and answer all of the health questions, they will run all of those results and information through their medical underwriting. They are going to use all of that information to decide if they are going to accept your application or decline you for coverage. Additionally, they are going to use it to decide how much they are going to charge you every month.

Avoiding the Underwriting

life insurance with no underwritingYou can buy life insurance protection without having to take the medical exam. If you’re not perfect health, then this can prevent the insurance company from getting a current picture of your overall health. That means that your health isn’t going to affect your rates.

Another way that you can skip all of the medical underwriting is to purchase a guaranteed issue life insurance policy. These policies have no exam and no questions. You apply, you get protection.

In most cases, a no exam plan is strictly limited to term plans. As insurance companies continue to tailor products, more carriers are offering no exam plans with whole life coverage.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of a No Exam Life Insurance

While skipping the underwriting seems like the perfect solution, there is a flip side. Don’t buy a plan before you understand the cons.

Let’s start with the bad. Any policy with no exam is going to be more expensive. The carrier gets less information, which makes them wary of approving applicants. Because they are taking more risk, they are going to charge you more.

Another problem with both guaranteed issue and no exam policies is their protection restrictions. Guaranteed only allows policyholders to get $25,000 in insurance. No exam allows a little more, stretching the coverage to $300,000.

Now that we’ve got the negative out of the way, let’s look at some of the good things.

First of all, no exam is quicker. It’s obvious, if there are less, it’s going to be faster.

Let’s say you applied for a standard policy with a medical exam. You’ll schedule the appointment, and then you’ll wait. It can take a month for the whole process. Compare this to a no exam plan, which can be completed in less than a few days.

Not All No Exam Carriers are the Same

Without the medical exam, companies are limited on how much coverage they can offer and the prices, but not every company is the same. Some companies are much better than others with their no exam protection.

When you’re shopping around for no health exam life insurance, there are a couple of factors you should review.

One of those is the financial stability of the company. You need a carrier who has been around for a long time and is going to be around for even longer.

Next, you want to look at the price of the policy. Yes, no exam plans are going to cost you more, but some companies are going to be more expensive than others. There are certain carriers who specialize in no exam policies, those carriers tend to sell their plans for cheaper premiums.

You should also look at any additional benefits or riders they offer with their no exam plans. Each carrier has different tools and advantages to their policies.

You should try and get as much information as possible about each company and plan before you pick one. A life insurance policy is a long-term investment. This could be the most important purchase for the future safety of your family.

Getting Life Insurance Without The Hassle

Deciding between no exam or taking the exam can be confusing. Do you take on the additional step of going through the medical exam? Or do you want the speed of a no exam policy? Each one can be enticing.

If you’re still trying to decide, you should give us a call. Our agents can act as your personal insurance advisors. We can answer questions and guide you through the process.

If you’ve decided no exam life insurance is a good choice for you, then we highly recommend calling us. Why should you call us?

You probably don’t want to have to gather quotes from more than 60 companies, do you? We can do it for you. Not only will we do the work, but we will have the results in a few minutes.

To get started with us, you just have to fill out one simple form. After that, you can compare dozens of quotes side-by-side. You can see the premiums and the coverage.



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Compare Life Insurance Quotes from Multiple Companies
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