Life Insurance with Pre-Existing Conditions

Life insurance is an extremely important purchase that will give your family the protection that they need if something tragic were to happen to you. Your policy will give them the resources that they need. Finding the perfect life insurance plan can be a long and frustrating ordeal, especially if you have any pre-existing conditions.

Before the insurance company accepts your life insurance application, they are going to decide how much of a risk you are to insure for a policy. The higher risk that you are, the more they are going to charge you for your coverage, or they may decline your application. Even if you’re in bad health, it shouldn’t keep you from getting the insurance protection that your loved ones deserve. We can give you quotes from high-risk life insurance companies that will help you make the best-educated decision for you and your family.

Perhaps you’re in need of final expense life insurance quotes to cover funeral expenses. If so, we can help.

Getting Life Insurance with Pre-Existing Conditions

life insurance with pre-existing conditionsThe worse that your health is, or the more adverse health problems that you have, the less likely the insurance company is going to give you affordable life insurance coverage. There are hundreds, and hundreds of different diagnoses that you could have that would impact your life insurance. Luckily, in every situation, you will be able to get quality and affordable life insurance.

Regardless of your pre-existing conditions or how poor your health is, there are plenty of options for life insurance. There are tons of insurance companies on the market that specialize in insuring different types of high-risk applicants with pre-existing conditions. For example, there are plenty of businesses that will offer people with diabetes much better insurance rates versus a traditional company with no experience insuring people with diabetes.

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Additionally, there are plenty of insurance companies that insure high-risk applicants with severe heart complications or applicants with cancer. While the majority of companies would deny you coverage, some companies understand the conditions and have experience with high-risk applications, and they will give you affordable protection.

No Medical Exam Life Insurance

One option for anyone is to go with a no medical exam life insurance plan, which is precisely what it sounds like. Life insurance without the medical exam. Let’s look at the pros and cons.

The first advantage is how quickly that you can get life insurance protection for your loved ones. Unlike a traditional policy that has to go through the medical underwriting after taking the exam, with these plans you won’t have to wait several weeks for the company to get the exam results and calculate your premiums. Instead of waiting up to a month, you could get life insurance in a matter of days versus several weeks.

One of the most significant problems that some applicants encounter with these no medical exam plans is that they are much more expensive than plans that require medical underwriting. With a typical insurance plan, the company will get an overall view of your health when calculating your premiums, without the medical exam, they don’t know how your health is or about any severe health complications, which means you are a much greater risk to insure.

The other major disadvantage of this type of policy is that there are strict restrictions on how large a plan that you can buy. With most insurance companies, you can only buy a plan that goes up to $250,000.

Life Insurance for Seniors

There are plenty of companies that offer low rates to seniors looking for a quality life insurance plan. If you’re an applicant over the age of 65, there are some important questions that you need to ask yourself before you buy a plan, do you still need life insurance coverage and if so, how much life insurance can you get or can I find low-cost life insurance?

Once you retire, you may realize that you no longer need a life insurance plan. If you have paid off your mortgage and you don’t have any massive debts, then you could consider dropping your life insurance altogether.

Another factor that you should consider before dropping your life insurance plan is determining if anyone relies on your paycheck. The secondary goal of your life insurance plan is to replace your annual income. If you no longer have anyone that needs your salary, then you can consider going without your life insurance policy.

Getting Affordable Life Insurance Coverage

The first thing that you should do is improve your health. As an applicant with a pre-existing condition, you should always follow your doctor’s orders to manage your condition. You should also take any medications or treatments that your doctor prescribes.

Just like they told you in gym class, diet and exercise will keep you in shape. You don’t need any fancy pills or exercises to lose weight.

The last way to improve your health is to eliminate any tobacco that you currently use. If you’re a smoker, you can expect to pay much more than a person that doesn’t smoke. The best way that you can save money is by cutting any tobacco out of your life. As an applicant with a pre-existing condition, being a smoker is going to decrease your chances of being accepted for coverage.

The best way to get lower insurance is to partner with independent agencies, especially as an applicant with a health complication. Unlike traditional insurance agents, our independent agents work with dozens of agents across the United States. We have years of experience working with some of the most highly-rated companies, and we know which ones are going to view your condition more favorably.

Life insurance with a Preexisting Condition

We hope your health is perfect. We never want anyone to have health problems, but most people don’t have sparkling clean bills of health.

While those conditions can make life more difficult, they should make getting life insurance difficult.

If you’re wondering which company to buy from or how much coverage to get, go ahead and give us a call. Aside from providing professional advice, we can also help you shop around.

We can instantly give you life insurance quotes from more than 60 companies. Talk about efficient.


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