Non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Any possibility to get coverage?

Q. I am 62 male and I need term insurance 200k or 100k in 10 years. I have non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Any possibility to get coverage?

A. Even with the health condition of non-Hodgkin lymphoma, there is a possibility of obtaining life insurance coverage. It is likely, however, that coverage will be considered “rated,” meaning that the premium charged will be higher than that for a comparable amount of coverage for an insured who is in good health. There are also other options out there such as no medical exam life insurance policies, though these will come with higher premium rates.

When shopping for a life insurance policy for yourself or life insurance for your elderly parent, it may be best to work with an agent or insurance company that specializes in working with high risk cases. This way, they will be more familiar with the additional paperwork and underwriting requirements that will likely be needed in this situation.

About Jack D. Davis at
About Jack D. Davis at

Jack D DavisBorn and raised in a quiet suburb of Philadelphia, PA, the youngest of nine children, son of two wonderful parents, Jack developed his work ethic early on. While attending West Chester University, he volunteered to join the US Army Reserves for a six-year enlistment. Attending college during the day, working evenings, and fulfilling his military obligation on various weekends, Jack learned the value of hard work and time management. After graduating from college (BS in Business Management), he began working as a sales representative for a Fortune 100 company and honed his marketing skills. In 1985 Jack started his financial planning career as an agent with Mutual Benefit Life.  After Mutual Benefit Life ran into financial difficulties, Jack decided to “go it alone”. His company, “Eagles Soar Enterprises, LLC.” successfully grew for almost 30 years. Jack’s skill-set is understanding and recognizing the personal needs of families and business owners. His patience in explaining the numerous options available is greatly appreciated by his clients. Jack agrees that life insurance is a difficult topic and people are rarely “excited” about discussing the subject. When Jack was 23 he witnessed firsthand how important life insurance is when he lost his Dad to cancer. Jack’s Mom used the life insurance proceeds to help minimize the financial loss.  Jack recognizes how critically important proper insurance planning is to the surviving spouse, business partner and, most importantly, the children of his clients. In his free time Jack enjoys playing tennis, horseshoes, ping pong, exercising, reading and attending Philadelphia Eagles football games. Jack has two wonderful children and currently resides in beautiful St. Petersburg, FL. Questions? Call Jack at 1.800.277.3098 or email:

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