Should You Cancel Your Life Insurance Coverage?

In today’s tough economy, people are always seeking ways to cut costs. In many instances, people are doing away with expenses that they feel are not necessary – and unfortunately, life insurance coverage oftentimes falls into that category.

While doing away with your policy may help to free up more funds over the short term, you may want to give it more consideration before you actually cancel your life insurance plan, as the overall consequences could end up having devastating effects overall. In fact, there are many financial planners who feel that when times are tough financially, families may actually be in need of even more life insurance coverage.

Life insurance is one of the most important safety nets that you can ever buy for your loved ones. If something were to happen to you, your family would be responsible for all of your debts and final expenses, which can quickly add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Having final expense life insurance will give your family the money that they need to get through that difficult time, but how do you know if it’s a good idea to cancel your policy and save the monthly premiums.

Think Twice Before Canceling Your Policy

Although you may not be happy about being saddled with the added expense, the premium that you pay for life insurance coverage could essentially end up being a very small price to pay if your loved ones end up needing the policy’s proceeds. Doing just a quick financial check could even give you an indication of whether or not your family would be in a worse financial situation if the unthinkable were to happen to you.

As an example, if you were to lose your job today, would your family still be able to afford the same house, the same car, and the same activities that they currently do without struggling financially? If the answer is no, then you likely need at least some amount of life insurance coverage in order to replace the income that your loved ones would lose without you.

Throughout our lives, we accumulate more debt than we may realize. Mortgages, auto loans, credit card balances – it all adds up. And, if you were to pass away suddenly, just how much of that burden would be passed along to those whom you love? Even worse, how would they be able to pay these debts without the support of your income?

Even those who don’t have someone depending on their income should consider keeping life insurance in force. Today, the average cost of a funeral can be upwards of $10,000. This, coupled with any final medical-related expenses, could leave loved ones in a financial bind without the monetary cushion that life insurance can provide.

Likewise, life insurance can also be a buffer for large estate taxes that may be due. Even those who don’t possess large estates could be liable for hefty taxation upon death. Yet, a properly designed life insurance plan could help to reduce – or even eliminate – these expenses, avoiding the sale of other assets in order to come up with the needed funds.

Alternatives To Cancelling Your Coverage

If your decision to cancel your life insurance coverage is truly financial and you are simply finding it difficult to pay the premium, there may be some alternatives that can allow you to keep your family protected, while at the same time alleviating the stress of the premium payment.

One option could be to use some of the funds in the cash value component of your policy for paying the premium. Even though doing this may reduce the amount of savings in the plan, it could also keep the amount of death benefit that your loved ones would need intact. (Note that this option may only be used on cash value life insurance policies.)

A second alternative is to keep your policy in force, but to reduce the face amount of coverage. Using this option will provide you with less in insurance benefit, but it will also lessen the amount of premium that you are required to pay. This could help to ease up on your expenses.

Before you lower your face value of the plan, you’ll need to determine what your life insurance needs are and how much coverage your family will need. There are several different categories that you should account for when calculating your life insurance needs. Lower your coverage amount is an excellent way to save money, but not having enough coverage could leave you family with a massive amount of left over bills.

For those who are younger and in relatively good health, another possibility could be to convert from a permanent policy to term coverage. Doing so could actually provide you with even more death benefit for less premium. But if your health isn’t the best, you can still get the best no exam life insurance that is available to you.

If you go this route, however, be careful that you have your new coverage in place prior to cancelling your current coverage. You don’t want to run the risk of being without any coverage at all should an unfortunate circumstance occur in the interim.

If you’re wanting to get the most affordable life insurance, a term insurance policy can save you thousands of dollars every year on your life insurance. In fact, in most cases a term insurance plan will be around half the price of a whole insurance policy.

Certainly, depending on a group plan through an employer is another viable alternative – but only in the vein that it is a temporary form of coverage that will typically end when your employment terminates. Life insurance through an employer is a great way to get life insurance coverage if you plan on being there until you retire. Just because you have insurance through an employer doesn’t mean that you should cancel your private insurance plan.

Getting Lower Insurance Premiums

If you’re just now buying a life insurance plan, or you’ve been a policyholder for a decade, it’s important that you’re getting the most affordable coverage on the marketing. The most common reason that people cancel their life insurance is because they can’t afford to pay the monthly premiums. Before you do that, let’s explore some of the ways that you can get affordable life insurance and save money. Making a few simple lifestyle changes could drastically lower your premiums.

The first thing that you should do is quit smoking. It’s one of the most common new Year’s resolutions, but it’s also one of the most frequently broken one. If you’re looking for some extra motivation to kick the bad habit once and for all, just think about the life insurance savings. In fact, smokers are going to pay twice as much for life insurance coverage versus what a non-smoker is going to pay for the same amount of insurance protection.

The next thing that you should is improve your health. Improving your health and having the insurance company retake the medical exam could cut your premiums in half. The best way to do that is by losing weight through a healthy diet and getting regular exercise. Both of these can help you shed those extra pounds, lower your cholesterol, lower your blood pressure, and much more. It’s time to lace of those running shoes and hit the gym, it could save you hundreds of dollars on your insurance premiums.

The best way to ensure that you’re getting the lowest coverage is to work with an independent insurance broker. Unlike a traditional agent, our independent agents work with dozens and dozens of highly rated companies across the nation. We can bring all of the best insurance rates directly to you. Our agents have years of experience working with all kinds of applicants, and we know which companies are going to offer the best rates based on your health and insurance preferences. If you’ve considered dropping your life insurance plan, contact one of our agents, and we can find a cheaper life insurance plan for you. We can help you find life insurance for high risk individuals or life insurance with pre existing conditions at a reasonable rate.

While not everyone needs insurance coverage, the majority of people do. Canceling your life insurance plan could be one of the worst mistakes that you ever make for your loved ones. Because you can’t predict the future, you shouldn’t wait any longer to get the insurance coverage that your family will need.

If you have any questions about lower your insurance premiums or if you should drop your life insurance coverage, please contact one of our agents today. We would be happy to answer those questions and ensure that you’ve got the perfect plan to meet your needs.

Dropping your insurance coverage is a complicated and complex decision that you shouldn’t make lightly. There are dozens of different factors that you’ll need to consider before you decide, and our agents can walk you through the process to ensure that you’re making the best choice for both you and your family.

About Jack D. Davis at
About Jack D. Davis at

Jack D DavisBorn and raised in a quiet suburb of Philadelphia, PA, the youngest of nine children, son of two wonderful parents, Jack developed his work ethic early on. While attending West Chester University, he volunteered to join the US Army Reserves for a six-year enlistment. Attending college during the day, working evenings, and fulfilling his military obligation on various weekends, Jack learned the value of hard work and time management. After graduating from college (BS in Business Management), he began working as a sales representative for a Fortune 100 company and honed his marketing skills. In 1985 Jack started his financial planning career as an agent with Mutual Benefit Life.  After Mutual Benefit Life ran into financial difficulties, Jack decided to “go it alone”. His company, “Eagles Soar Enterprises, LLC.” successfully grew for almost 30 years. Jack’s skill-set is understanding and recognizing the personal needs of families and business owners. His patience in explaining the numerous options available is greatly appreciated by his clients. Jack agrees that life insurance is a difficult topic and people are rarely “excited” about discussing the subject. When Jack was 23 he witnessed firsthand how important life insurance is when he lost his Dad to cancer. Jack’s Mom used the life insurance proceeds to help minimize the financial loss.  Jack recognizes how critically important proper insurance planning is to the surviving spouse, business partner and, most importantly, the children of his clients. In his free time Jack enjoys playing tennis, horseshoes, ping pong, exercising, reading and attending Philadelphia Eagles football games. Jack has two wonderful children and currently resides in beautiful St. Petersburg, FL. Questions? Call Jack at 1.800.277.3098 or email:

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